Our New Book On Becoming a Flight Attendant.

Table of Contents:

Landing Your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant: 2016



All About Flight Attendants
Role of Flight Attendants
Customer service representative
Flight/Safety Crew member
Server/Money Handler
Working Conditions
Classifications of Flight Attendants
Line Holder
Pay and Benefits
Types of Pay
Closed Door
Per Diem
Holding Pay
Other types of pay
Travel Benefits
Flexible Hours
Budgeting and Finance
Bring Food with You
Find Cheap Housing Near Your Home Base
Job Outlook

Airline Industry Basics

Airline Culture
Military Time
Airport Security & Safety
Airport codes and designations
Types of Flights
Day Trips

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Flight Attendant?

Traits of a Good Flight Attendant Candidate
Extroverted (a People Person)
Plays Well With Others (Teamwork)
Cool Under Pressure

Requirements for a Flight Attendant Candidate

Physical Requirements
Appearance Requirements – General
Appearance Requirements –Women
Appearance Requirements – Men
Helpful Skills and Experience for a Flight Attendant Candidate
Be Bilingual
Customer Service Experience
“Command Presence” Experience
“Cool Under Pressure” Experience
Previous Airline Industry Experience

Background Checks

What is the FBI looking for in a background check?
Criminal history
DWI/DUI conviction
Lying about your criminal record
Other Airline Background Information Requirements
Residency/Travel Requirements

Preparing for the Job Search

Selecting an Airline
Large Commercial Carriers
Small Commercial/Regional Carriers
Corporate/Charter or Private Carriers

Resume Preparation

Information to Include
Basic Contact Info
Professional Summary
Work Experience
Education & Certifications
Information Not to Include
Identifiers of your race, age, sex, etc.
Hobbies and Interests
Photo or Headshot
Formatting a Resume
Make It Easy to Read
Use Color
Use Lots of White Space
Keep it short
Print it out
Proofread, proofread and proofread it again

Application and Interview Process

Part 1 – Online Application
Part 2 – Personality Test
Part 3 – Initial Phone Interview

  • Video Interview
  • Preparing the interview area
  • Looking good on camera

Part 4 – On Site Interview

  • Team Interview
  • Group Interview
  • Final Interview

Part 5 – Conditional Job Offer (CJO)
Part 6 – Training
Part 7 – Formal Job Offer

  • End of the Process
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Review Your Online Profile
  • Know the Job Description Inside and Out
  • Research the Airline

Other Airline Research Resources

Flight Attendant Career Connection
PPRuNe Professional Pilots Rumour Network

Interview Questions

Behavior Based Interview Questions
Problem Solving
Fit Assessment
Customer Service
STAR Method
Airline Specific Interview Questions
Unusual Interview Questions
Concluding the Interview
Get the Names of the People That Interviewed You
Ask When a Decision Might Be Made
Provide a Business Card
Send a Thank You Note
Common Interview Mistakes
Not Knowing an Answer to an Interview Question
Question about an Experience or Skill You Don’t Have
Confusing Questions


Other Resources of Interest
General Flight Attendant Career Info
Flight Attendant Blogs
Cabin Crew Blogs
Fun Content
Photo Credits

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  1. I would like to join Flight Attendant.. I was working as a flight attendant for 15 years at Air India since December 1998 till January 2014. I had to resigned due to relocation to United States from India.

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