Frontier Just posted Cabin Crew Job Opening 1/15/16

Requisition Number 16-0006
Post Date 1/13/2016
Title Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant
City Various

Want to join Team Frontier? At Frontier, our flight attendants are key to how we do business. As dedicated professionals, they place the safety of our passengers and their co-workers first and exhibit exemplary dependability, striving always to ensure that all of our passengers reach their destinations safely and on-time. Onboard our all-Airbus fleet, Frontier’s flight attendants really shine as they care for our passengers in a fun and friendly atmosphere, all while offering reasonably priced snacks and drinks.

Our current bases include: Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL, Trenton, NJ and Denver, CO. We are currently hiring for every base! Applicants must be flexible as domiciles for newly hired Flight Attendants are not guaranteed and subject to change.

Who are we looking for? We are actively seeking team members who are flexible, tireless in their pursuit of excellence, dedicated to our company’s success and to caring for our passengers, and like to have fun at work! Our ideal candidate embodies the following core characteristics:

• Customer Orientation – Our flight attendants must be able to anticipate and recognize customer needs and remain dedicated to meeting their expectations. They thrive on finding ways to increase customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to embody our model of “Low Fares Done Right.”

• Professionalism – Frontier flight attendants demonstrate a “no excuses” approach to their own attitude, performance and results. They constantly work in the best interest of the organization and our passengers.

• Dependability – Frontier flight attendants understand that timeliness is key to success in the aviation industry and their reliability and punctuality is fundamental to our success.

• Adaptability – Our flight attendants exhibit flexibility and are comfortable with the quick and numerous changes and transitions that are a normal part of our operation. They act enthusiastically and professionally in the face of uncertainty and are able to confidently re-prioritize and adjust to multiple demands and change.

• Sales Ability – Inflight sales of food, beverages and other products are a key component of our “Low Fares Done Right” model; accordingly, our flight attendants take pride in our model and its success, actively work to identify opportunities to sell onboard products to passengers, and are always eager to improve their sales skills and ability.



Candidates must meet, at a minimum, the following requirements to be considered for a Flight Attendant position:

• Must be at least 21 years of age as of their date of application

• Must possess a valid passport

• Must be able to legally work in the United States

• Must be proficient at speaking and reading English

• Must be able to meet strict appearance standards that includes no tattoos below the shoulder (from shoulder to fingertips), below mid-thigh (from mid-thigh to toes), neck area (front, back or behind the ear) and no multiple piercings

• Must be willing to conform to a uniform dress code

• A sales background (retail, restaurant, etc.) is preferred

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