Writing Your Flight Attendant Resume

Putting together a Flight Attendant Resume for a job might take a couple days to do correctly, but realize that the entire process of becoming a Flight Attendant can take months, so take a day or two and have a resume worthy of the time that you and the airline are about to invest in your career.

Do you have a generic resume? Has it been a while since you have looked for a job that required a resume? Maybe you left the work force to raise children or the economy downsized you to smaller job.

It is a good idea to have a resume always ready, and you might already have a resume prepped. Maybe you think it is pretty good, but as you read down the list of your life’s work and experiences (your resume), ask yourself a couple questions.

Is this resume outdated? Computer abilities out-date quickly.

What is this airline looking for? Is sales background helpful?

What are my strongest qualities? Should be customer service and problem solving

Is my resume specific? Avoid nonsense jargon

There are only two ideas to keep thinking about as you prepare your Flight Attendant Resume:

1. The needs of the company

2. Your qualifications

Start by going to the airline websites and finding the airline’s information about the job description and requirements. That way you will know what are the qualifications that HR departments require. Shape these traits into your resume.

Go to online forums where Flight Attendants swap stories and read about what a Flight Attendant deals with from customers on a daily basis. Use this information to explain how your experiences in whatever customer service you currently have will help you be a strong Flight Attendant. Customer service is how you will land a Flight Attendant job. If you don’t have customer service experience, get it.

Airlines are looking for candidates that will create revenue for the company. They are looking for new assets to add to their company. If you look at yourself as just an employee, then you are seen as only a cost for the airline. Airlines are all about cost cutting. See yourself as an asset, as a revenue producer; make your resume say that you understand this concept.

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Ten things to check on your resume.

1 Airlines are looking for Flight Attendants that understand customer service. Make sure you write about to your customer handling skills on your resume.

2. Remove the “Statement of Objectives” on the top of your resume; instead tell the company what you can do for them. A “Statement of Your Objectives” is only about you. You are trying to show how you fit in with the airline as flight attendant.

3. Don’t let the cover letter do all the work. You might think that your generic resume might be good enough and all you have to do is write a dazzling cover letter for each airline. The resume has to be a stand alone document. The cover letter is important and a good HR department at the airline will staple that together with the resume.

4. On your resume do not say, “References furnished upon request.” Have a reference page on the ready if they ask for one, but do not waste the precious space on the one page resume.

5. An airline attendant resume should be only one page long. This is especially true if you are new to the industry. Two pages might be acceptable if you have an incredible amount of experience.

6. One of the ways a resume can become outdated is when you are listing your technological skills. It is great to mention that you have computer skills, but go past just saying that and tell them on the resume that you use social media. Under the top most header of the resume put your online information: your email, your Facebook page. It is not necessary to say that you are skilled at Word and how to surf the internet. They will expect to you be able to do those things. If you don’t know how to surf or use Word then take a community college class and get those things learned.

7. Leave no blanks about your last ten years of employment, You will be subject to an intensive 10 year background check.

8. DUIs are non-starters, if you have a DUI you cannot be a flight attendant. List any criminal charges you might have. Air those out right away.

9. Whether to include you hobbies is a tough call. It can look unprofessional unless it refers directly to a job with the airlines. If you have a thin resume a hobby can add personality.

10. A resume should be thought of like a very rich dessert. You only want to give them a taste of what you have to offer; too much information and it quickly can become sickly sweet.

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