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I have put together a new book explaining how to become a Flight Attendant in 2016. There are so many changes in the process of becoming a flight attendant that current information is critical to success in applying. This book will be updated constantly. It will be released on this website on December 1st 2015. Check back for details. We will be taking orders then.

Becoming a flight attendant is difficult because there are so many applicants for every available job. It is a highly competitive process and only those well-prepared will make it past the first interview.

The Bureau of Labor believes that flight attendant jobs availability will decline slightly. With a predicted decline of 7 percent between 2012 and 2022

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Employment of cabin crew is expected to follow an average for all occupations through the year 2022. Population growth and an improving economy are expected to boost the number of airline passengers.

As airlines enlarge their capacity to meet rising demand by increasing the number and size of planes in operation, more flight staff will be needed. However, over the next decade, one can expect that demand for cabin crew will fluctuate with the demand for air travel, which is highly sensitive to swings in the economy. During downturns, as air traffic declines, the hiring of flight staff declines, and some experienced attendants may be laid off until traffic recovers.

Despite the improving outlook, competition is expected to be keen because this job usually attracts more applicants than there are jobs, with only the most qualified eventually being hired.

The majority of job openings through the year 2016 will arise from the need to replace those who leave the labor force or transfer to other occupations, often for higher earnings or a more stable lifestyle.

However, with the job now viewed increasingly as a profession, fewer are leaving their jobs and job turnover is not as high as in the past. The average job tenure of attendants is currently more than 7 years and is increasing.

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